RAE & Associates

RAE & Associates

Rae & Associates is an established accounting agency specialising in small business accounting, bookkeeping services and financial advice. They approached us for help improving their online presence and growing brand awareness through a new website and an ongoing social media strategy.
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Rae & Associates had an outdated website that didn’t adequately showcase their expertise and experience. Their online visibility was falling short, failing to drive organic traffic, while their social media pages were struggling to earn engagement. As a result, the business was finding it difficult to acquire new business leads.

A Koola website for Rae & Associates

We gave their website a complete overhaul to create something modern, user-friendly and great-looking. We ensured that it was mobile-responsive for a seamless user experience across any device and that its content was more informative and engaging. We also optimised the user journey, directing visitors toward taking action by getting in touch.

A Koola solution for social media

First, we identified the most relevant social media platforms where Rae & Associates’ audience of professionals could be found, namely LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We then developed a content strategy that included sharing small business insights, news and success stories.

Next, we implemented engagement tactics that included user interaction, targeted outreach and scheduled posts. Finally, we used targeted advertising campaigns to boost the reach of critical posts and help get the brand in front of the right audience.

The Koola result

The combination of a new website with an ongoing social media strategy transformed Rae & Associates' online presence. With improved website performance, a higher volume of leads and heightened brand awareness, they have become a competitive and authoritative player in the accounting and bookkeeping field.  

This is a great example of our commitment to delivering tangible results and helping businesses achieve their digital marketing objectives, and it is a testament to our expertise in web design and social media strategy.

We at Rae & Associates have had the pleasure of working with Koola and League on our Digital marketing for the last 8 years. They have helped us design and launch two websites, taken us through a rebrand and dealt with all things social media. We love the freshness of their team and the out of box thinking they bring to the table. As an accounting firm sometime our content can be a little grey but working with consultants that bring so much colour to the table and listen to our vision has made a huge difference to our business and actually does not make us dread the advertising decisions we need to make. Its been a game changer partnering with a firm that is as invested as we are in the success of our company. The Koola team goes above and beyond to research current trends in the industry and design campaigns around areas in our business that we want to focus on. One of the things we love the most is how easy they are to Pivot with new ideas we bring to the table. If you want to partner with a company that will make you feel like their #1 client always then Koola is the place to call home.

Thank you for everything, Lauren and the team at R&A