Mobile web design, do you need it?

Mobile web design, do you need it?

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, you could be missing out on valuable traffic. Find out why else you need this crucial tool in the digital world.

Mobile web design, do you need it?

You have to meet your audience where they are, that much we all know, but how accessible do you make these platforms? "If a website can't be viewed on your phone, then it's not a website." Says Thomas Henry, the Head of Customer Success at Koola Digital. 

Besides that, here are a few more reasons why we want you to have a mobile web design in place.

Your target audience primarily uses mobile devices

With the ubiquity of smartphones, it's no surprise that households typically have between 3 to 5 electronic devices. So, it makes it more likely that potential customers will search for your product or service on a smartphone. So, having a mobile-responsive website is crucial to enhance user experience.

It gives you enhanced credibility

A mobile-friendly website design facilitates easy access to information for users. Conversely, an inaccessible website will likely cause potential customers to lose interest and faith in your brand.

Improves your Google ranking

Google considers mobile web design one of the most important factors when determining a website's ranking. In fact, in 2018, Google announced that it would prioritise crawling mobile versions of websites over desktop versions. A website that is designed with mobile users in mind will positively impact its Google ranking.

Facilitates communication with potential clients

A responsive website automatically adjusts to the screen size of the user, making it easy for them to navigate and access information. A non-mobile-responsive website will likely result in difficulty navigating the website, making it challenging for potential clients to contact you.

The bottom line is that mobile-friendly web design is crucial for your business's success. A negative user experience on your website can potentially turn customers away from your brand or even prompt them to recommend your competitors. 

We can generate a beautifully designed website that is mobile-friendly too – but at a fraction of the cost. We cater to your small business and its budget. Get in touch with us so we can get you in touch with your potential clients.

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