Where does the customer journey begin?

Where does the customer journey begin?

The key to a successful customer journey is here. Unlock the secrets of customer satisfaction and loyalty with our insightful blog post.

Where does the customer journey begin? 

Spoiler alert! The buyer's journey starts with generating demand. Before you buy, you want the item, right? Making potential buyers want something is the whole point of marketing. Creating demand, not pushing products. So, that is where the buyer's journey begins. Our job is to educate people about the product or service, and then it’s their decision to buy or not. 

The journey from awareness to purchase for each customer will always be unpredictable, at least to some level. Is it a science or is it luck? Well, if you create a buyer’s map you put more power in your hands because it helps you better understand the buyer’s journey. 

The customer journey is a multifaceted process that commences when the customer first becomes aware of a problem, often long before they even become aware of a specific product. From there, it progresses through a complex sequence of increasing awareness, careful consideration and, ultimately, decision-making.

Throughout this journey, the customer is exposed to various external influences such as competitor advertisements, reviews and other touchpoints with the company. These touchpoints may involve conversations with sales representatives, interactions with content or viewing product demonstrations.

By effectively mapping out this customer journey, your marketing, sales and service teams can comprehensively understand, visually represent and gain valuable insights into each stage of the process. With this understanding, you can then proactively minimise any obstacles that may arise along the way, ensuring a helpful and delightful journey for your leads and customers.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the top strategies for demand generation are:

Run these strategies, then map their effectiveness. 

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