6 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2024

6 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2024

Discover the top 6 social media trends marketing experts predict will dominate 2024 in the latest blog from Koola Digital.

6 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2024

Like a hyperactive child, social media refuses to sit still. New trends are forever emerging – brands and marketers need to keep their fingers on the pulse and adapt. So, as we prepare to close the chapter on 2023 and welcome in 2024, let’s look ahead at some of the more interesting new social trends we can expect to see gaining traction in the New Year.

  1.     TikTok continues to grow

Brands have been paying more attention to TikTok, as noted by Semrush in its Social Media Trends Report 2024. TikTok's short-form videos drive engagement and align with a significant shift in the social media landscape, where the focus has moved from accumulating follower counts to prioritising high levels of user engagement as the true indicator of success.

  1.     LinkedIn is evolving

LinkedIn has become much more than a job search portal as users increasingly post more personal and user-generated content, as Social Insider reports, making it a place to find high-quality, authentic content on just about any topic. Brands can join the conversation by keeping it relevant and authentic.

  1.     Raw content matters even more

Because trust is everything these days, brands are increasingly showcasing team members as they express their passions and values, according to Smart Insights. Instead of relying on a continuous stream of sales pitches, brands can focus on demonstrating their authenticity and human side. This can be achieved through the likes of spontaneous monologues, behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

  1.     Video captions are more necessary

Video content remains hugely popular (especially Reels on Instagram) but an increasing number of users are likely to watch with the sound muted, according to Social Insider. That means that captions are needed on all videos to deliver your brand’s message, no matter the platform.

  1.     Content should be optimised for social search

Social search refers to how users discover content within a social media platform, often via keywords, hashtags or trending topics. Users are increasingly reliant on it, as Search Engine Journal reported late last year. So, in 2024, it will be even more necessary for brands and marketers to understand what their audience is searching for and to tailor posts accordingly. This can involve using relevant hashtags, creating engaging captions, and making sure content aligns with trending topics or discussions.

  1.     Shoppable content is on the rise

Shoppable content describes any social media post that users can click to link them directly to a sales portal, usually with compelling imagery and often featuring product recommendations. A platform like Instagram is ideal to showcase a catalogue of products, and it’s become a popular way to find products and services. There are now many formats available for shoppable content and 2024 is likely to see this phenomenon gaining more momentum. 

The changing world of social media

These trends all reflect the new ways people are using social media platforms and the enhanced functionality that caters to them. It’s important to remember that things aren’t static in the social media world, and it’s necessary to be continuously evolving. 

If you’d like to modernise your approach to social media and get the most from each platform, reaching your audience in novel and exciting ways that get measurable results, then get the expertise you need. Get in touch with Koola Digital.

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