Sale price$299.00 USD
Package:4 Social Posts
Style:1 - 3 Social Channels

Social media is a vital piece of the digital puzzle when it comes to building your brand. If you want to reach out to the masses, social media happens to be the fastest tool. The secret to successful social marketing is regular updates tailored to the audience you're targeting at any given moment.

Our team is social savvy and helps you create engaging content driven by the latest trends for each channel and customised around your business model.


How it works

Koola looks after your social media calendar. These posts are created around social media best practices while using our principles of marketing to gain new followers, engage users and increase your revenue. Once a month or quarter, we plan your social media based on this outline. We do the heavy lifting and you approve the posts. 

Social media is all about consistency. Regular posting and sharing are essential. That is why we give you the option of once, twice, three or four times per week. An increase in posts allows you to engage your customers more often.

Posting frequency

Service industry businesses can post once to twice per week to ensure a comfortable level of engagement with customers. 

Retail businesses would benefit from three to four times per week to ensure your products stay front of mind. 

B2B customers should post once to twice per week, but pair this with email marketing and case studies to build your brand.

What’s the story on stories?

We recommend that you create stories and reels to really showcase your day-to-day business activities. We can use these mediums to run special promotions or highlight products or services for your business. These are preplanned with your content calendar or campaign to drive interest. Stories carry a 25% higher click-through rate. Stories are planned, and we will use social platforms that have this functionality.

Which platforms to choose

All of our social media packages are based on three social media channels; Facebook, Google my business and Instagram. These three are our recommendations to all small business owners. But if you have any additional platforms, we can add these to the social media plan. 

B2B customers should include Linkedin in their marketing campaigns. This invaluable B2B network will help to establish your brand among your customers and competitors.