A (short) list of subject lines and why they work

A (short) list of subject lines and why they work

Subject lines should capture attention and encourage action in your email body to avoid it gathering dust. Follow our tips for writing catchy subject lines.

A (short) list of subject lines and why they work 

Did you know that email subject lines are the most important part of any email you send? Your subject line determines whether someone opens your email, ignores it or even sends it to spam. Think this isn’t the case? Well, 47% of people open emails based on their subject lines

So how do you write email subject lines that get the right kind of attention? Be creative! That’s the key! 

Here’s what we mean:

We saw you checking us out 😏 

This one comes from HubSpot. It’s just the right amount of sassiness to get the reader’s attention without being distasteful. 

Where would you use this one? If someone abandoned their cart, this can serve as a subtle reminder to go back and complete the transaction. 

A sneak peek into our new collection

This does two things: it makes them feel like they are in the exclusive club and it gives them slight FOMO if they don’t check it out. 

Where would you use this? Just before you’re about to launch a new product collection. It won’t work if the collection is already live. 

It only gets better from here… 😄

When a client comes on board, make sure they know that they are valued and that you are paying attention to them.

Where would you use this? When you have a new client who has just agreed to do business with you. The body of the email will explain why choosing to work with your company is the best decision they made. 

Uh-oh, your voucher is expiring 🙈

The urgency subject line. You need to make sure that if people don’t react soon, they’ll lose out on something. 

Where would you use this? When something is about to expire, such as the end of a sale. 

We’ll let you in on a little secret 🤫

Provide your clients with valuable content, and be sure to let them know that they are the only ones receiving it. 

Where would you use this? Find instances where you can provide clients with valuable information. For instance, you’re an interior design furniture company and a designer sends you an interior design handbook. Give it to your loyal clients. 

Quick dont's 

  • Do not write in caps! Readers will be prompted to delete it instead because it creates the wrong kind of unnecessary urgency.
  • Do not make false promises. Avoid using clever subject lines if you can't deliver what you promise.
  • Please don't overuse punctuation!? One question mark is sufficient.
  • Do not use clickbait. 
  • Don’t forget to use emojis. 

We could go on all day, but let’s create some killer email subject lines and newsletters for you instead.

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