Our take on ChatGPT

Our take on ChatGPT

We all want more time on our hands and if ChatGPT gives us that, why not try it? Right? Read more for our take on this new chatbot.

Our take on ChatGPT


It took five days for ChatGPT to gain a million users when it was launched. It took Netflix three and a half years to do the same. So, it's clear that it's a popular chatbot. But is it any good in the digital marketing realm, particularly for small businesses? 

The obvious use for a chatbot that mimics the natural diction of human language would be content marketing. ChatGPT can certainly make content creation simpler. It can write product descriptions, headlines, blog posts, calls to action and other written content and make it sound just like a human. 

Our take: You would have to convince readers that a human wrote the content you’re putting out. So, you could use this to get you started but make use of a copywriter to “fix it up” so to speak. This is fairly new tech, so how do you know how people will respond without testing it first? Does your audience respond well to it? Better yet, what do search engines think? Will they deem your content worthy of being on the first page of search results? Google is penalising sites that use AI-written content, and they are getting better at detecting it. Although, Google has launched their own chatbot called Brad, so are they really that opposed to it? 

We aren’t saying don’t use it, we are saying consider the bigger picture. 

A prestigious French university has already banned the use of it. If they see it as cheating, what does that mean for other industries? If a customer sees that the content on your site has no soul, would they judge your brand differently? Generic is not cute. 

According to McKinsey, 71% of customers want businesses to provide personalised experiences. And 76% are frustrated when this does not occur. AI can deliver personalised experiences if it has access to your data, but it's still rather a case of authenticity. Does it come across or not through ChatGTP?

This is not a deterrent. By all means test it out, we actually want you to. It could make your life easier as a business owner. Perhaps you’re having a tough time writing that email – ChatGTP might be able to get you going. But use it as a paraphrasing tool. Not something that does all the work for you.

If you want content marketing done with a human touch, speak to us. 

We did not use ChatGPT to write this article. 😏

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