Navigating negative comments (or a crisis) on social media

Navigating negative comments (or a crisis) on social media

Learn how to navigate social media crises and handle negative comments effectively with the help of a digital marketing agency.
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Navigating negative comments (or a crisis) on social media

Every public space comes with opportunities for engagement, as well as some challenges. While in a physical store unhappy customers can make a scene, on social media they can reach a much wider audience and potentially create a reputational crisis. It helps to have someone to guide you through such rough waters and ensure your brand's reputation remains intact, but here are some important social media crisis management points to keep in mind.

Dealing with negative comments

It's tempting to ignore or delete negative feedback, but that could do more harm to your brand's image. Instead, acknowledging the issue and reassuring the customer that you're committed to resolving their problem can turn a negative into a positive. Personalising your responses, showing empathy, and offering solutions demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.

A panel of brand communications experts writing for Forbes advise, first and foremost, to avoid diverting blame, even if you disagree or find the complaint to be unfair. Rather try to de-escalate it and move the complaint to a private dialogue. 

However, not all negative comments warrant a response. Some might be from trolls whose sole purpose is to provoke. In such cases, ignoring or deleting the comment might be the best course of action.

Crisis alert!

When faced with a full-blown PR crisis, responding in a timely manner is vital. Delaying your response will likely just make it worse. It's also crucial to maintain your cool and respond positively, regardless of how negative the comments get.

While it's essential to apologise when necessary, simply saying sorry often isn't enough. Acknowledge the problem, offer a solution, and then follow through. Your actions will speak louder than your words, reinforcing your brand's credibility.

A helping hand

Navigating the negative aspects of social media can be daunting, but that’s when you can truly appreciate the benefits of having a social media management agency to guide you. An experienced agency can help you navigate these challenges, ensuring timely and appropriate responses, which can mitigate damage to your brand's reputation.

Moreover, an agency can provide a strategic approach to social media management, creating a crisis management plan to prepare you for any potential issues and outlying the steps to be taken when a crisis occurs to ensure you're not caught off guard.

An agency also brings resources and expertise to proactively monitor social media platforms for negative comments or a potential crisis, allowing for swift action. They also understand the nuances of different platforms and can tailor responses accordingly.

Make the most of an opportunity

Having a presence on social media is non-negotiable, so negative comments are all but inevitable. You may even have to weather an occasional crisis. With the right approach and a trusted agency by your side, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities to showcase your brand's commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency.

Remember, every comment, positive or negative, is an opportunity to engage with your audience. It's all about how you seize that opportunity. If you’d like to take that approach with your social media, get in touch.

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