Making AI marketing work for your small business

Making AI marketing work for your small business

Want to boost your marketing ROI? AI can help! By leveraging predictive analytics, you can improve your targeting and get better results from your campaigns.

Making AI marketing work for your small business 

AI used to be inaccessible for small businesses, but that's changed. They can use it now because they don't have to break the bank or need a degree in science to use it. So if you've been reluctant to use it because it sounds intimidating, this blog is here to put your mind at ease. 

The fundamental components of AI marketing include powerful tools, big data and machine learning.

Machine learning involves using statistical models and computer algorithms to examine patterns in huge data sets. By identifying these patterns, it becomes possible to discern which marketing tactics have been effective and which ones have not. These data-driven insights can be leveraged to develop and refine digital marketing strategies.

Business owners often face difficulties in distinguishing the significance of various types of data due to the overwhelming quantity of information available. To address this challenge, AI tools can efficiently sift through massive amounts of data within a few minutes and provide relevant recommendations to you.

AI Marketing tools are useful for small business owners and digital marketers seeking customer insights from their target audience. These insights enable them to make informed decisions that are strategic and customised to their specific needs. In other words, it makes your life easier. Imagine setting up a campaign and only targeting the exact people you want to target. That power is in your hands.

A practical example to really drive home its use

Amazon uses an AI powered by machine learning to provide product recommendations. Amazon's AI is trained on data from millions of consumers and their purchases. Through this training, it has gained insights into which products consumers tend to purchase together (reflected in the "You might also like" feature). 

With each instance of feedback, such as purchasing or not purchasing based on the recommendation, Amazon's AI enhances its learning and makes even better recommendations. The continuous improvement cycle keeps going until the recommendations are so accurate that it is almost impossible not to purchase more from Amazon.

You can see how difficult it would be for Amazon to convince people to buy anything without this AI in place.

Okay, but that’s a big company. But what about small businesses, you say?

You have a tight budget, so if you’re running ads, you want to be sure that it’ll get you somewhere. AI tools are designed to learn which types of ads and audiences generate the most favourable outcomes. Based on this knowledge, these tools provide recommendations on how to structure your ads to achieve optimal results. Additionally, they can offer suggestions on which images and words resonate best with different target audiences.

It can tell you the right time to post something according to when your audience will most likely see and interact with it.

You can have a chatbot on your site that will be your advocate 24/7, answering questions and doing everything in its power to ensure a visitor turns into a customer.

If this is what you want, chat to us and we’ll get it done.

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