This depends on the type of revert and what is possible on the chosen theme. We usually allow for two reverts.

Depending on your type of business, we will use either stock imagery or product-specific imagery, or even a mix of both.

We will select some themes for you to choose the final option.

This depends on the package you have selected.

Yes, if you have purchased stock images and have the correct rights to those images.

Please supply branding material like logos and product imagery. The more material, the better.

Yes all of our selected templates and sites are optimised and built to work well on mobile.


If this is a requirement for your website, you need to let the team know upfront. Many of the tools we use have the functionality to do so, but we suggest not using the standard Google Translate to translate your website.

Yes you can, we want this to be your website or marketing program. Our teams will assist in making your copy online and marketing ready. Ensure we include SEO keywords, correct grammar and spelling and is written in a way that is appealing to customers.

Yes, we optimise all of the content for search engined or SEO to ensure your website or marketing is also adding SEO value and enabling your customers to find your website.

We have worked in many key industries for more than 20 years and therefore we know your customer. What they want, how they buy and what benefits appeal to them. We will use this best practice, combined with the insights we get from workshopping with you, to create your content. During your strategy workshop, we will learn all about your specific business and industry. And this is revised quarterly to ensure we are generating the correct content.

No, Koola Digital looks after your content creation. But we want you to approve it and make sure it aligns with your brand language.

This will depend on your customer and your strategy. Both formats are necessary when you are trying to communicate effectively with your customers. For insightful Q&A blogs, the short form is best, while indepth insights into your product, services, case studies or thought leadership piece, a long-form piece of content works the best.

Yes, you can, and we encourage all business owners to use video as an effective form of communication with customers. Video was the most popular form of content right now.

We allow two x copy reverts. This is more than enough if you and the Koola team have worked together to brief the content correctly

You supply us with your existing copy, brochures, and insights, and the Koola Digital content team creates the content.

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