Signs of a successful digital marketing campaign

Signs of a successful digital marketing campaign

Here's a look at seven common signs that your digital marketing is working. Read our blog to learn how to measure your campaigns.
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Signs of a successful digital marketing campaign

It takes time and money to build an effective digital marketing strategy. This commitment can take days, weeks or months of brainstorming sessions, research, analysis, strategy building, testing, and more, taking the skill and collaboration of your best and brightest to produce something that helps your brand succeed.

But when do you know if all that has paid off? 

Measuring your email marketing success

Email marketing success is primarily determined by open rates. This statistic measures how many people actually open your email after receiving it. It tells you two things if your leads open your emails: they found it in their inbox and they were curious. What this also tells you is that they are engaged and care about information that is coming from your brand.

CTR (Click-through rate)

Your CTR measures how many clicks your emails generate on your content. Subscribers who receive a high CTR will be interested in the content you send them in your emails.

Measuring your social media success

When determining the success of your digital marketing campaign, you need to find out what percentage of your website traffic comes from social media.

Essentially, you want to measure how many visitors come from social media channels. As a result of your social media efforts, you should be able to increase the size of the top end of your funnel by driving more traffic.

Measuring your website marketing

The number of sessions per month is your main metric for measuring website marketing success. In a month, the number of sessions refers to the number of times a visitor visits your website. If you see a high number of sessions, that is a clear indication that your digital marketing campaigns are performing well. 

What you also need to focus on when it comes to website marketing is the conversion rate (the ratio between sessions and conversion). These are visitors to your website who become customers. A high conversion rate indicates that the content and your website resonated with them enough to turn them into a paying customer. 

Analyse your site's traffic sources.

In addition to checking organic search results, there are other channels that can bring visitors to your website. Using your Google Analytics account, you can find out where traffic is coming from for a particular page. Your digital marketing efforts will be more effective if you identify these channels.

To us, good digital marketing isn’t about spending money on campaigns and not having the tools to measure their success. Instead, it should be about converting marketing spending into real sales for your company. 

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