How We Work

Phone, email or chat.

Book your website onboarding call or fill in our online briefing tool now! If you are not sure which package is for you, we suggest having a complimentary call with our team to determine what is best.

During your onboarding workshop, we will create a marketing strategy for you. This is then translated into your marketing plan. On an ongoing basis, we have a monthly call to discuss the upcoming marketing plan and if you want to add anything specific.

As the business owner, you own the website. Once you have paid for it, we will transfer this to you. We keep access to help support your website, but you become the owner.

Yes you can, the website is yours and you can decide how you run it once we have handed it over.

We can but we will have to discuss your options depending on the platform that the site is built on and when it was built. If your site is on one of our prefered platforms, we can immediately take over your website.

No, you pay a fixed rate per month for your marketing. If your leads go up, you do not pay extra for these.

We require 30 days' notice to cancel your marketing or support plans. This is because we work a month ahead, so we will execute the final work we have in the 30 day notice period.

Yes you can.

Koola Digital can set up your platforms for you, but if you have done them already, we will update those ones.

Yes we do, we are Google certifed.

We do not require you to work with us every day. Our programs are designed to support you, and we keep the time we require from you at a minimum. We want to take care of your marketing while you look after your business. If you need to chat with your account manager, you can contact us via chat, email or phone. If you have an error on your website or marketing, please use our support options.

When we run your marketing workshop, we identify your goals. We measure your ROI against the goals you have set. These can be reset every six months if you want them to be higher or lower.

A digital consultant looks after your account, but our writers, designers and digital producers create the content, design and publish this work online.

We will workshop your goals with you to make sure we set them against your overall objectives and keep them in line with what our online marketing programs.

Ideally, we would conduct 2 x video meetings per month or 2 x phone calls. If you prefer an in-person meeting, we can accommodate you once every month or quarter.

We want to meet with you twice per month. During the first 3 - 7 days of the month, we want to chat through the previous months' reports, findings and improvements. And between the 20 - 25 days of the month, we want to talk to you about your next month to make sure our plan aligns with any industry changes, promotions or specials you may be running.

Yes, we have a team of digital designers who will work on your imagery.

You will receive weekly communication from us or, at a minimum fortnightly to ensure we let you know what is happening.

Yes, you can get a proposal, please request a quote for your selected website or package and we will send you a proposal.

Koola digital will support your website if you take our support options. If you do not you can pay for support by the hour to fix your issues. We do want you to be able to self manage your website to a degree. So you should be able to make changes yourself to a degree.


We will help you register a domain as close as possible to your selected domain.


Yes, all of the platforms we use have a high level of security. As with anything online, there is always a risk, but we have chosen platforms with an incredible security record.


Yes, we include a suggested minimum budget per package. We have these as a starting point to reach a measure of success for your business. We will discuss your goals and how the budget may need to be adjusted to support this.

Yes you can.

You are billed monthly in advance. Your monthly fee must be paid before the 1st day of every new month to ensure you do not interrupt your marketing program. You can join our subscription service, and we will deduct the value from your credit card or debit card monthly.

Yes, you do it through your paid media budget. This is combined with the SEO and social media posts we publish. No single tactic works in isolation, so we prefer to combine to drive traffic and generate leads.

You get billed 10 days before the new month, around the 20th or 21st of the month. This allows you 10 days to make payment before the 1st day of the new month.

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