Why you shouldn't pause your digital marketing

Why you shouldn't pause your digital marketing

Pausing a marketing campaign before it’s had time for decent traction is bad for your business. We explain why.

Why you shouldn’t pause your digital marketing 

When a company reaches a certain point in its evolution, it decides to pause its marketing and take a break. Companies often take these breaks during the summer and around the holidays when they are primarily focused on meeting deadlines and getting away from the office for family time. In most cases, this is due to cost, performance, lack of vision, seasonality, or some combination thereof.

But the good thing about digital marketing campaigns is that if you have an agency helping you and running all campaigns, there is no reason to pause anything. 

What happens when you pause your digital marketing? 

It's not just about leads 

As part of your marketing effort, you should also keep reminding people that your company exists. Definitely not once. Not twice. Hundreds of times. If a buyer is eager to buy, it's unlikely they'll take a chance on an unknown new player. Marketers should consistently work to elevate your brand, remind buyers of your value and encourage them to return to your website. It's this process that produces hot leads. It’s the way the digital marketing world works. 

Paused marketing efforts will not keep your brand in their minds. 

You’ll have to start from scratch 

Creating brand awareness, building brand loyalty, and building brand trust is the most challenging part of marketing at the beginning. As soon as you earn a little cultural currency, you can begin to see the best marketing results.

When you're starting from a standstill, your marketing campaigns have to do most of the heavy lifting. In the short run, pausing campaigns won't have any detrimental effects, but in the long run, you'll lose the progress you made in terms of building awareness, recognition and trust with your market, and you'll have to start over again. Kind of like Sisyphus, in Greek Mythology, who rolls a boulder up a hill for eternity because when it nears the top, it rolls back down again. Don’t be Sisyphus.

Marketing improves over time

You may be tempted to pull the plug on your newly launched marketing strategy if you're seeing red numbers. There may be some turbulence during the first few months of a new, untested strategy, and it might feel like more work and money than it's worth. But it is worth it, especially if you stick to it. Over time you will start seeing the desired numbers. If you cut it off too soon, you will not be giving the campaign enough time to build that traction. 

What to do instead of pausing 

Instead of pausing your digital marketing entirely, we recommend switching your focus to other strategies or making slight adjustments that help you out most in the long term. Since you don’t need to put as much spend toward short-term strategies that earn quick results, you can redirect that spend to set yourself up for reliable results.

Let’s start (and not pause) your next marketing campaign.

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