Digital is the key to connecting sales and marketing

Digital is the key to connecting sales and marketing

The divide between marketing and sales departments has been widening for a while but the digital landscape offers a way to reconnect these business operations.
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Digital is the key to connecting sales and marketing

Sales and marketing teams have always been closely connected, but the traditional barriers between them are becoming more blurred every day in a digitally transforming world. With interactions constantly happening between sales and marketing teams, it’s now more important than ever for a business to become more fluid. It’s time to break down the silos and reconnect these two departments. 

The endless possibilities of digital

Digital opens up a world of opportunities. However, it can also cause a divide between the sales and marketing departments. This is especially true for legacy systems that don’t offer many options for achieving what you want. For these two departments to work together more effectively, there must be a mutual understanding of what each of them does well and how their needs can better aligned with one another. 

Today, any digital ad, video or piece of marketing content can have an embedded call to action that leads to a point of sale, which means that changes to old-school corporate structures are inevitable.

Bridging the gap

Businesses that wish to get ahead of their competitors should be looking at leveraging digital channels to narrow the divide between sales and strategic marketing.

Data plays an essential role in the world of digital marketing. Sales and marketing need to access the same data so that everyone is working with a unified customer view. Modern business integration software like customer relationship management (CRM) tools is key to aligning all goals and strategies based on this data pool. With ERP software integrating other business processes, you can use it to replicate synchronous communication throughout your entire enterprise – acting as a powerful backbone for your organisation.

Stronger together

Business leaders that want to ensure their business goals align can do so by giving the various departments of their company the same level of importance. Create a sales funnel in which all aspects of the business are given equal attention. Work to implement an automated system where you can reach out to more people at an affordable price and repeat your success quarter after quarter.

Customers don’t really care where the marketing and sales experience begins or ends. They just want the highest value experience available.

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