Content marketing 101: Create content Google likes

Content marketing 101: Create content Google likes

Creating content that Google likes is no secret because they want you to make it, and we can help you with that.

Content marketing 101: Create content Google likes

Successful businesses are built on great content. You rely on content to increase your search engine rankings, grow your business or generate sales. Content that informs, persuades, engages and sells turns your target market into loyal customers. So, how do you go about creating it?

Always be keyword focused

We are not talking about keyword stuffing. Have a list of keywords that relate to your industry and products or services and create rich content around them. The point is that the keywords should appear naturally in your content. 

For example, rather than stuffing keywords into a blog post, evaluate why the keywords are relevant to users and create content accordingly. The first step in creating keyword-focused content is to conduct detailed keyword research. By knowing what keywords you want to rank for, you can plan your content strategy better.

Provide varied amounts of content

From social posts and web images to online articles and offline ads, everything your business publishes is content. Engaging your target audience with blog posts is a fantastic way to add fresh, new content to your website. Nevertheless, they shouldn't be the only type of content you publish regularly.

A good content marketing strategy involves using a variety of mediums. Develop a content strategy that utilises a variety of content types, including:

Website copy

Blog posts

Social media posts







Case studies 




Regularly updated websites

Your business evolves, and your website needs to evolve alongside it. Google likes websites that are regularly updated, so you’ll want to create content that’s fresh and original. However, it’s also important to publish evergreen and cornerstone content. This is content that stands the test of time and remains relevant over months or even years.

If you want to be in Google’s good books, you need a content marketing strategy in place because that is what’s going to ensure you’re creating evergreen content that Google and your followers will like. 

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